Recordings For Sale

The following are recordings featuring the Dnipro Ensemble that are currently  available for purchase. Purchasing information is at the bottom of the page.

Title Type Price
ukconxnvol4 Dnipro Sings CD $20 More Info
CD_50AnniversaryConcert 50th Anniversary Concert CD $20 More Info
anniversary-video Dnipro Memories DVD $20 More Info
anniversary-video Dnipro Memories VHS $15 More Info
dnipro-choir-cover Dnipro Choir CD $20 More Info
sacred-dnipro-cover Sacred Dnipro CD $20 More Info
glad-tidings-cover Glad Tidings CD $20 More Info
liturgical-cover Sing to the Lord A New Song CD $20 More Info
neophytes-cover Neophytes VHS $15 More Info

Please add $2 CAD shipping and handling for each recording in your order.

To purchase, please send a cheque or money order (in Canadian Funds)  made out to “Ukrainian Dnipro Ensemble” to the following address (along  with a list of the recordings requested):

Ukrainian Dnipro Ensemble of Edmonton Box 1271 Edmonton, Alberta Canada  T5J 2M8

Contact Dnipro for further information